Top 6 Reason to Join PSOU

Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open University Top 6 Reasons to Join PSOU

1. Learner Autonomy

The majority of your study will be independent and flexible, you can choose when in the your day and week you want to study. Maybe you’re an early bird and perform better in the mornings before work or maybe you would prefer to study in the evenings.

2. No need to put your life on hold

Lots of students can work part-time or even full-time while studying. This means you’ll graduate with years of valuable work experience. If you’ve been able to work while studying you may get a head start against other students applying for the same jobs after university.

3. Cost Effective

Distance learning courses are cheaper than those at traditional campus universities. Lower costs mean lower final debt or it may even mean you’re able to pay off some or all of your education as you study.

4. Gain extra skills

Jagat Guru Nanak Dev PSOU learning teaches you to work independently, prioritize your workload, problem solving, motivate yourself and persevere even when you just want to give up, imparting technical and ethical skills is the priority of the university. These skills are valuable for your career or future studies.


The university ensures excellence through a flexible and interdisciplinary academic model matching the international standards. Renowned academicians from national & international education institutes and leading corporates keep our courses contemporary, relevant, and cutting edge.


Jagat Guru Nanak Dev PSOU aims to use a student‐centric approach in teaching, Choice-based credit system is an example of it. Regular feedback mechanisms and the transparent system will make the learning experience enriching.